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Living Source: Natural, Living-Source, Dietary Health Supplements Including: CMD Minerals - Concentrated Mineral Drops, Elete Electrolytes, HMD Heavy Metal Detoxification, Qualified Professional Naturopathic Consults & QRA Quantum Reflex Analysis Testing @ The Living Source Clinic
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Welcome To Living Source


Introducing Bio-Coconut Oil

BioTrace Virgin Coconut oil is made from organically grown coconuts on family owned plantations in the beautiful islands of Papua New Guinea. Coconuts are hand harvested by locals from Vunakanau East New Britain using sustainable practices.

This premium quality virgin coconut oil is extracted using the wet press/cold press method with no refining, bleaching or deodorising.

Virgin coconut oil is considered a 'functional food' as it provides health benefits above and beyond being a source of basic nutrients. Use coconut oil for cooking, in place of butter in baking, or add it to smoothies. Saturated fats such as coconut oil are highly stable, meaning that they do not normally go rancid and are heat stable, making them more suitable for heating.

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Introducing Elete CitriLyte

The result of development spanning over seven years, MRI introduces the great tasting, no-calorie, nothing artificial, electrolyte water - CitriLyte! Contains original elete Electrolyte Add-In with the added benefits of zinc and citric acid (plant sources).

Keeping in line with the original formula, CitriLyte does not contain sugars, carbs, artificial colours or flavours. CitriLyte when mixed with water has a refreshing hint of tart flavour, similar to a slice or wedge of lemon!

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Recently Added Products

Probiotic-derived DHLA/Resveratrol

Advanced Thyroid & Hormone Support

Balanced Essential Fatty Acid Formula

June 2011 - 08/06/11

FortiSalt has just won the prestigious Superior Choice Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, Belgium!

This year, more than 1,000 companies entered, but only a few hundred were selected! This award is extremely sought after by many large, global food and beverage companies.

FortiSalt achieves its complex gourmet salty flavor using whole balanced sea minerals with a broad range of nutritional salts. It was designed to not only provide great flavor and sodium reduction, but to also dramatically improve the essential mineral nutrition value of foods.

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January 2011 - 19/01/11

Brand new to our store, Quantum-Rx C Complex from Quantum Nutrition Labs! This product is a phenomenal 100% natural Vitamin C Complex that contains absolutely NO synthetics, toxic binders, fillers or other excipients! This amazing formula is derived from the Camu-camu berry and contains other top nutrient synergists that put this formula into a class of its own! Click here for more info.

January 2011 - 05/01/11

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic time over the holiday season. We're back in business and look forward to hearing from you!

December 2010 - 22/12/10

We hope you all have an amazing Xmas and New Year break! Please note: Living Source will be closed from midday on the 23rd of December and will be reopening on the 5th of January. All orders placed between this time will be sent out as soon as we return on the 5th. Be safe and enjoy the holiday season with family & friends!

The team @ Living Source

November 2010 - 15/11/10

This month we have some great specials to help keep you hydrated this summer!

Elete electrolytes provide instant hydration, replaces essential electrolytes during exercise, and helps prevent cramp and nausea. This offer is only for November and December, so stock up today! We also have the Elete stainless steel water bottles which are a great safe, non-toxic alternative to plastic water bottles, also on special this month!

With plastic water bottles, toxins are constantly being absorbed from their plastic containers. The longer the water is stored, the greater the levels of toxins and considering the stated used by dates on many bottles this can be a long time!

October 2010 - 12/10/10

This months specials are CMD and FortiSalt! CMD (Concentrated Mineral Drops) is one of our best sellers and is a great way to increase your mineral intake. CMD is a highly concentrated Ionic Mineral Supplement that contains 72 macro minerals and trace minerals. CMD is easily absorbed and easy to use, so take advantage of this special today!

We have also continued our special with FortiSalt as this is a truly amazing product. FortiSalt turns your food into a dietary supplement that helps compensate for the lower levels of mineral in many modern diets and it makes food taste better!

August 2010 - 04/08/10

In response to the outstanding success at the Food Show held recently in Auckland, we are very pleased to announce a dramatically reduced price for the wonderful FortiSalt product. The previous price of $28.80 has been slashed to only $20! Make your food taste like it should with this amazing liquid salt replacement! FortiSalt contains therapeutic levels of 10 essential minerals and trace minerals which are easily added to food via spray pump in a huge 550ml bottle. This is an extremely economical product!

July 2010 - 30/07/10

This month we have some fantastic specials on Immuno-Max and FortiSalt! The special discounts will apply until the end of August so take advantage of these great deals NOW!

Make food better with FortiSalt! Turns your food into a dietary supplement that helps compensate for the lower levels of minerals in many modern diets. FortiSalt is designed to add broad-spectrum essential minerals and trace minerals in nutritional amounts easily and consistently into the diet through food.

ImmunoMax is a high-potency dietary supplement that combines a synergistic blend of minerals, vitamins and herbs formulated to support immuno-protective activity and as a result provides positive support for immune function. Contains CMD Ionic Concentrated Trace Minerals (concentrated mineral drops [CMD]).

July 2010 - 29/07/10

We have some fantastic dietary supplements of interest now available on the Living Source site. Some of our featured and top products include: MRI CMD Concentrated Mineral Drops (best-in-class ionic mineral supplement), Elete Electrolytes, FortiSalt, HMD Heavy Metal Detox and a wonderful range of many more fantastic supplements to suit your dietary requirements.

HMD - Heavy Metal Detox is an incredible product formulated from extensive scientific and clinical research to prove its effectiveness in eliminating heavy metals from the body through oral chelation. HMD is the only natural, patent-pending, toxic metal chelator in the world to be backed by a 3-year, double-blind, placebo controlled study with 350 people working in a metal foundry. There were many trials conducted over this 3-year period that shows conclusively that HMD works effectively at eliminating all metals including Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Thallium and Uranium without removing the good, essential minerals from the body.

July 2010 - 28/07/10

Living Source Clinic is now up and running and we have highly skilled, qualified naturopaths available to offer their professional, expert nutritional and naturopathic services to you! Among these naturopathic services we have a ground-breaking, new, bio-energetic testing system from ZYTO, called the LSA Pro. We also offer QRA - Quantum Reflex Analysis testing, an incredible, advanced form of muscle testing (kineseology). Click Here for more information on the Living Source Clinic and our naturopath services.

June 2010 - 21/06/10

We are very pleased to announce the Living Source website is now live!

Please feel free to send through any comments and feedback as we endevour to make Living Source a fantastic and useful resource for our customers. Supplying highest quality dietary supplements and naturopathic services.

We hope you enjoy the site!

Kind regards,
The team at Living Source

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FortiSalt - Salt Alternative! FortiSalt

Turns your food into a dietary supplement that helps compensate for the lower levels of minerals in many modern diets.

550ml - $28.80 $20.00

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HMD Heavy Metal Detox HMD Heavy Metal Detox

Remove harmful Heavy Metals from your body with the world's only 100% natural cleanser, scientifically tested, Heavy Metal Detox product

118ml - $136.00 $129.99

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